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Founded in the spring of 2018 the Carolina Dragons are comprised of men from nearly every every walk of life the Carolina Dragons are comprised of men who have a passion for the game of football, a commitment to their community, and a burning desire to be the best men they possibly can be. On and off the field. events football games

This Is Our NFL!


Our players range in experience from former high school players and players that may have never even played football as a youth all the way to former NCAA and even professional athletes. Our athletes are NOT COMPENSATED, In fact they pay to be a member of this team and to play this wonderful game of football. Dragons are always expected to treat the game of football with the same passion and respect that those guys who play on Sunday afternoons do. Sometimes that passion and commitment can lead developing Dragons to take their talents to higher levels like collegiate or professional opportunities. In fact in only two years there have been 5 of our athletes who have found roster spots in collegiate programs and 3 more that have signed professional arena contracts!

Become a Dragon!


Whether you are a hall of famer or just want to remain active playing the best game on earth the Carolina Dragons are always seeking to bring new members into our brotherhood. Team fees run $150-$300 per season plus the cost of travel and protective equipment. Slots for the active roster can be highly competitive. But the important thing is to get involved so whether it is coaching, playing, or just helping out on game days we would love to hear from you!

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Drop us a line to cheer us on! Got an idea for an event? Well, send that to us too. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

We look forward to seeing you at our next game! football events football games

Carolina Dragons Semi-Professional Football

Knightdale, North Carolina, United States

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